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Inland zone hit with high temps

Warm front affecting Cyprus along with moderate dust and high clouds, odd patterns also emerge this week


A warm front is affecting Cyprus in the early part of the week with inland temperature highs expected in the upper 30’s along with moderate dust and clouds only in the very high altitudes.

According to weather officials, Monday skies will be mostly clear but with high clouds also in the mix from time to time. Winds will be moderate overall but strong winds are also expected gradually in the southwest as well as some parts along the northern coastal corridor.

Temperature highs will reach 38 degrees Celsius in the interior, around 29 in the south and east as well as high up in the mountains, while it will be 28 in the north and out west.

Evening weather will be mostly clear but with high clouds on and off, while suspicious clouds will appear in the eastern half of the island which will remain under fog watch. Temperature lows are expected to drop down to 18 degrees.

Tuesday skies will be cloudy in the higher altitudes with strong winds expected in the afternoon over windward areas. Temperature highs will reach 37 in the interior, around 28 in the west and high up in the mountains, while it will be 29 in all other coastal regions.

Air quality will also be affected by moderate levels of dust particles from Monday through Wednesday, when temperatures are expected to drop but still remain noticeably above normal averages in the interior and mountains until a further drop on Thursday in those areas.

Overall clear weather is expected through Friday but not without increasing cloud formations from time to time.

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