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Interior Ministry wants to eliminate permits for small developments

Streamlining procedures and getting rid of red tape to accelerate development approvals


The Ministry of Interior has introduced a comprehensive plan featuring 22 measures aimed at simplifying and expediting the examination of planning applications. A key change is the legislative elimination of the requirement for planning and building permits for small developments, including houses and small apartment buildings. This decision, announced by Interior Minister Konstantinos Ioannou, will come into effect by July 1, 2024. Additionally, the plan includes streamlining procedures for low-risk development applications, involving specialists in Architecture and Civil Engineering to ensure application accuracy.

The initiative will also differentiate the procedure for consultations with various agencies, incorporating requirements at the application stage rather than during the examination. The plan intends to alleviate delays, especially in complex developments requiring input from multiple departments such as the Environment and Fire Departments. Notably, these changes will primarily affect smaller developments and are part of a broader effort to enhance the efficiency of Planning and Building Authorities.

The Ministry's plan extends to digitization and the implementation of the Integrated Information System "IUPODAMOS" to streamline the electronic submission of applications, reducing bureaucracy and processing time. Moreover, it aims to establish common forms and procedures for application examinations across all regions, eliminating time-consuming bureaucratic processes.

Training programs will be conducted for members of relevant organizations to ensure that applications are submitted correctly, further expediting the decision-making process. This comprehensive plan, in conjunction with the recruitment of 105 Temporary Employees, is expected to address existing delays and improve efficiency within the Ministry of Interior.

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