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Clinical patients now receiving COVID-19 vaccine

Major breakthrough in COVID-19 treatment unveiled


In a recent statement released on Thursday, the Ministry of Health confirmed that bedridden patients will continue to receive Covid-19 and flu vaccines through the Home Vaccination Program, just as they have in the past.

The Ministry emphasizes that Covid-19 and influenza vaccines will be administered to bedridden patients through the Home Care Service of YOOO, maintaining the existing practice.

For those who are unable to submit the vaccination application themselves, it's important to note that patients or their designated representatives can do so on their behalf.

It's worth mentioning that individuals who opt not to receive the Covid-19 vaccine on the same day will receive the flu vaccine from their personal doctor.

To apply for home vaccination, interested individuals can complete the application form and have it signed by both the applicant and their personal doctor. This form can be submitted via email at or by fax at 22771496.

This streamlined process aims to ensure that even bedridden patients have access to the necessary vaccinations, helping to protect public health during these challenging times.

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