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International Red Cross secures release of civilian hostages in Gaza Strip (LIVE)

The Red Cross assumes responsibility for 24 civilians, including Thai citizens, in Gaza, while efforts continue to release 39 Palestinians from Israeli prisons.


In a significant development, the International Red Cross has taken custody of 24 civilian hostages held in the Gaza Strip, as reported by Qatar's foreign ministry spokesman. The release of these hostages, including 12 Thai citizens, occurred outside the ceasefire agreement between Israel and Hamas. Concurrently, the Red Cross announced the ongoing progress in releasing 39 Palestinians from Israeli prisons, facilitating their transfer to the West Bank.

Fabrizio Carboni, the regional director of the International Committee of the Red Cross for the Near and Middle East, expressed understanding of the profound pain experienced by families separated from their loved ones. He stated, "We are relieved that some will be reunited after long agony."

The first group of Israeli hostages, consisting of women and children and covered by the ceasefire agreement, is now in the care of the Red Cross, according to the announcement from the Prime Minister's office of Israel. These individuals, handed over by Hamas to Red Cross representatives, are being transported to the Rafah crossing and subsequently to Egypt. Military-guarded helicopters are expected to bring them back to Israel.

Haaretz reported that families of the hostages have arrived at the hospitals where their relatives will be received. Approximately 240 hostages have been held in the Gaza Strip since October 7.

It is noteworthy that in the preceding weeks, two American women (a mother and daughter) and two elderly Israeli women were released, while Israel recovered the bodies of at least two hostages. The condition and locations of the remaining hostages remain unclear.


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