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Israel's two-truck gamble sparks crisis in Gaza

UN slams Israel's half-measure fuel decision


Israel's decision to allow only two tanker trucks of fuel into Gaza each day for the United Nations and communication systems has raised concerns about the impact on crucial services. The UN highlights that this amount is only half of what is required for sustaining lifesaving functions, including powering water systems, hospitals, bakeries, and aid delivery trucks.

The toll of the Israel-Hamas war is stark, with Palestinian health authorities reporting at least 11,470 deaths, with two-thirds being women and children. Additionally, approximately 2,700 people are reported missing, adding to the humanitarian crisis.

In a distressing development, the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) have ordered the evacuation of Gaza's Shifa hospital within an hour. The hospital has been under raid for four consecutive days, with Israel claiming that Hamas uses it as a military base. The evacuation order raises international concern for the 2,300 patients, caregivers, and displaced people in the hospital, especially considering the dire conditions, including a lack of electricity for several days.

Limited internet and phone access are gradually returning to Gaza after fuel delivery to restart generators. Paltel, the Palestinian telecommunications company, announced partial restoration of phone and internet services, providing a crucial lifeline for communication.

Amidst the conflict, Israel contends that conditions in Shifa hospital are dire, citing alleged use by Hamas and asserting the discovery of weapons. However, hospital staff describe amputations due to infection risks, wounds festering with maggots, and a critical shortage of fuel affecting patients.

The International Criminal Court (ICC) is actively gathering information on alleged crimes during the Israel-Hamas war. Prosecutor Karim Khan confirms receiving a significant volume of evidence, indicating a comprehensive investigation into the situation.

As the conflict unfolds, the world watches closely, grappling with the humanitarian crisis and the complexities of the ongoing Israel-Hamas war.

[With information sourced from Euronews]

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