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Israeli tourists seek refuge in Cyprus amid Hamas attack

Hundreds flock to Cyprus as safe haven from Middle East unrest

Newsroom / CNA

Several hundreds of people continue to arrive every day to Cyprus on commercial flights from Israel, after the crisis that broke out in the Middle East, due to the massive terrorist attack of Hamas against Israel.

A total of 24 flights from Israel to Cyprus (23 to Larnaka airport and one to Paphos airport) are expected to be carried out on Thursday and 18 flights from Cyprus to Israel.

Meanwhile, the Foreign Ministry spokesperson, Theodoros Gotsis, has told CNA that a technical issue at an Austrian military aircraft, which would stopover in Cyprus while transfering citizens from Israel, prevented the operation and Austrian citizens are being transferred eventually with commercial or chartered flights.

According to Gotsis on Wednesday evening 80 citizens who were going to be transferred with the Austrian military aircraft flew to Larnaka, Cyprus on a commercial flight of Israeli airlines from Tel Aviv.

Also this afternoon a chartered flight will be carried out to transfer other citizens from Ben Gurion airport directly to Vienna.

A small number of Cypriot citizens who wish to return and remain in Israel have made arrangements and return on Thursday as well as during the next days with chartered flights.

Gotsis said the Embassy of Cyprus in Tel Aviv is in constant contact with them in case more arrangements are needed, and also consular assistance is provided to all permanent residents who remain in Israel and have asked for the state's contribution.

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