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Jordan downs drug-carrying drone from Syria

Jordan military halts Syrian drones smuggling drugs and arms


The Jordanian military announced today that they successfully shot down a drone flying over their territory, carrying the drug crystal meth, which originated from neighboring Syria, as reported by the Petra agency.

Syria has turned into a hub for drug trafficking, and Jordan is situated along the route for transporting this drug to Gulf countries. The drug being transported is a derivative of amphetamine known as "captagon," according to Western anti-drug agencies and Washington.

The Jordanian military has previously intercepted drones from Syria carrying drugs or weapons, but they have not specifically mentioned crystal meth before.

Military personnel and security officials from Jordan and Syria have met to discuss ways to address the drug trafficking issue from Syria. Despite Damascus' claims, Jordan asserts that it has not observed any serious efforts by Syrian authorities to combat the drug trade.

Syrian authorities have not commented on the incident. Last week, President Bashar al-Assad of Syria denied Syria's involvement in drug production and trafficking, stating that combating the drug trade is in the interest of both Syria and other Arab countries.

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