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Kindergartens, nurseries to reopen early next month

The health advisory committee is also discussing the reopening of gyms, but the move doesn't seem safe enough yet to draw up a timeframe


The health advisory committee is looking toward the first 10 days of June for the reopening of kindergartens and nurseries, as the epidemiological development of Cyprus appears to be moving in a direction that can guarantee the safety of the move.

The committee is expected to submit and written proposal before decision-makers, though the final decision rests with the Education Ministry, Kathimerini Cyprus reported.

Committee member Petros Karayiannis said the positive evaluation of the resumption of secondary education points toward a safe path forward.

Heath advisory committee also discussing gyms

Karayiannis said the committee also discussed the resumption of the operation of gyms, though no concrete decisions were reached.

He added that the group of scientists must first study the operation of gyms, to assess whether they would be ready to reopen under the Government health and safety protocols in place.

Karayiannis noted that gyms would have to have excellent ventilation, as when exercising people breathe faster and more intensely, meaning particles are more easily dispersed around the space.

In the event that the recycling of air is not possible, Karayiannis said that gyms will need to be equipped with air conditioners that inject fresh air into the premises from outside, or that adequately filter the air.

But ultimately, the group of epidemiologists advising the government could not form a timeframe in which gyms will be allowed to reopen, as the discussion on the safety of the move is ongoing.

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