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Kombos propose high-frequency aid corridor to Gaza

Cyprus' bold move for Gaza's humanitarian needs


Cyprus is putting forth an ambitious plan for a secure and closely monitored humanitarian aid hub and sea corridor to facilitate the efficient flow of aid to Gaza.

Foreign Minister Constantinos Kombos shared the proposal before the EU's foreign affairs council meeting in Brussels.

As Kombos arrived at the EU council building, he expressed, "Today, I will present the Cypriot initiative for a maritime humanitarian corridor to transport aid to the people of Gaza."

The core of the plan involves establishing a secure, fully supervised, and quarantined hub with flexible options for delivering aid in substantial quantities and at a rapid pace.

Kombos highlighted three key factors supporting Cyprus' approach: geographical proximity to Gaza, existing infrastructure in Cyprus, and strategic relationships with key stakeholders in the region, fostering political trust.

"We have started this discussion, and we will continue to work for a positive outcome," he affirmed.

Addressing inquiries about the proposal's support, Kombos optimistically stated, "We hope to increase the support we already have." This initiative reflects Cyprus' commitment to humanitarian efforts, leveraging its geographical advantages and diplomatic ties for a meaningful impact on the situation in Gaza.

[With information sourced from CNA]

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