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Kremlin silent on Tucker Carlson interview inquiry

How western media's coverage shapes Russian-American relations


The Kremlin declined to confirm whether Russian President Vladimir Putin would grant an interview to American journalist Tucker Carlson on Monday, while also refraining from verifying Carlson's presence in Moscow.

Dmitry Peskov, a spokesperson for the Kremlin, stated, "It's unlikely for us to provide information regarding the movements of foreign journalists," in response to queries about Carlson's speculated visit to Russia for a potential interview with Putin.

Peskov also emphasized the ongoing presence of numerous foreign journalists in Russia, welcoming their continued work in the country. However, he maintained the Kremlin's stance of refraining from disclosing details about potential interviews with the president for foreign media outlets.

Tucker Carlson, a former host on Fox News, launched a new streaming subscription service in December after his departure from the American television network amid controversy and defamation allegations.

One of Carlson's notable interviews includes his conversation with former U.S. President Donald Trump last August on the platform X, which garnered over 267 million views, as reported by social media platforms.

In addition to Trump, Carlson has conducted interviews with other prominent figures, including Argentine Javier Milei and Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban, on X.

On Saturday, the Russian channel Mash Telegram published a photograph of Carlson, suggesting his arrival in Moscow, although the purpose of his visit remains unconfirmed.

When asked about potential interviews with Western journalists, Peskov expressed skepticism, citing what he described as "Russophobic propaganda" prevalent in Western societies.

However, Peskov did not rule out the possibility of a comprehensive interview with a Western journalist in the future, stating, "Whether Carlson will be among the possible candidates remains to be seen."

Donald Trump has openly considered collaborating with Carlson in the political arena, highlighting the journalist's influential role in American discourse.

The Kremlin's reluctance to confirm details regarding potential interviews reflects ongoing tensions between Russia and Western media, amid broader geopolitical dynamics shaping international relations.

[With information sourced from Reuters and Politico]

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