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Kursat rejects extradition request in Greek Cypriot land dispute

Turkish Cypriot lawyer Kursat's extradition case postponed in Rome


In a recent development, the extradition case of Turkish Cypriot lawyer Kursat has been adjourned until February 6 by a court in Rome.

Kursat objected to the Republic of Cyprus's extradition request, based on a European arrest warrant, concerning the alleged exploitation of Greek Cypriot land in occupied Klepini.

Kursat will remain in Italian custody until the rescheduled hearing date. No official reasons for his objection have been disclosed since his detention in Italy on New Year's Eve.

Reports suggest that Kursat's defense will present documents to the Italian court, highlighting concerns about the safety of the environment in the Central Prison of the Republic, particularly for Turkish Cypriots.

As this case unfolds, stay tuned for updates on the legal proceedings surrounding Kursat's extradition.

[With information sourced from CNA]

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