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Large areas of Halkidiki without power after deadly storms

Gale-force winds, rain and hailstorms struck northern Greece late on Wednesday

Kathimerini Greece Newsroom

About 80 percent of Halkidiki, and specifically the first and a small section of the second peninsula that make up the regional unit, remained without power a day after storms and gale-force winds toppled trees and utility poles, the head of the union of Public Power Corporation employees (GENOP) said Thursday.

“Huge problems were created by the collapse of a utility pole of power grid operator ADMIE on the national highway,” Giorgos Adamidis told Skai channel, adding that about 100 crew members are working to restore electricity in the area.

Adamidis said he expected power to return in most areas by Thursday night.

ADMIE said two high-voltage poles collapsed at the area of the Nea Potidea Canal and there was a breakdown at the high-voltage power line linking the Moudania with the Cassandra substations.

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