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Larnaca airport lost luggage sale raises alarms

Concerns rise as Facebook page offers allegedly abandoned belongings for mere €2.99


In a concerning turn of events, a Facebook page operating under the name "Larnaca Airport" has recently surfaced, enticing internet users to purchase allegedly lost luggage from Larnaca Airport.

According to a report by Larnaca Online, the dubious posts claim that the airport management has opted to sell the unclaimed luggage of customers lost in the past six months for a meager sum of €2.99. The posts include a call-to-action button for users to place orders directly through the advertisement.

If these advertisements prove accurate, they raise significant concerns about the security protocols at Larnaca Airport. The reported sale of lost luggage not only jeopardizes passenger privacy but also indicates a possible mishandling of personal belongings.  

Authorities are expected to investigate the legitimacy of these claims and take appropriate actions to address any wrongdoing. Passengers and the public are advised to exercise caution and refrain from engaging in transactions related to this suspicious online activity.


"Our airport management decided to get rid of customers' lost luggage in the last 6 months, selling the luggage for only €2.99. To place an order, click on the ad button."

[Information sourced from Larnaca Online]


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