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Larnaca protection racket moves to trial

Two male suspects arrested, two others still wanted by police in mafia protection case in Pyla


Two men have been arrested so far on money extortion and racketeering charges in connection with a case of mafia protection in Larnaca.

According to police, a 41-year-old man was arrested on Sunday while another male suspect aged 42 was already in custody in a suspected protection racket following complaints filed by two business owners in Pyla, Larnaca district.

The men who filed the reports with police, a 55-year-old internet café owner and a 53-year-old coffee shop manager, told cops that close to a dozen men showed up on January 31 demanding €100 each night as part of a protection racket.

But when the men refused to pay up, the suspects resorted to the use of threats against the businessmen themselves as well as their property.

Police previously searched the home of the 42-year-old suspect and collected pieces of evidence.

Two other suspects aged 32 and 42 are also wanted by police while the initial suspect was released from jail after his 8-day remand had run out and he is expected to be called to a court hearing on May 7.

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