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Larnaca's homeless to benefit from ''Xenios'' shelter initiative

Bishop Nektarios backs Xenios programme for homeless

Newsroom / CNA

The Programme ''Xenios'' for the support and reintegration of homeless, was presented Monday in Larnaca at a press conference.

The Programme is under the supervision of the Social Welfare Committee of the Municipality of Larnaca and the Deputy Ministry of Social Welfare.

In her address, Deputy Minister of Social Welfare Marilena Evangelou noted the crucial importance of synergies between the state and Local administrations. On his part, Kition Bishop Nektarios assured that they will support the programme as much as possible, while the Mayor of Larnaca Andreas Vyras noted that the strategic planning of the social policy of the Municipality of Larnaca has as its main concern the well-being of all layers of society.

Deputy Minister of Social Welfare stated that the "Xenios" programme is oriented towards providing short-term accommodation to people facing housing problems, in order to provide the necessary time to the state services to proceed with arranging permanent housing and support through the state programmes. It is, she pointed out, "the first point of reference and the first line of help".

Official of the Municipal Service, Christina Orfanides, presented the programme noting that "Zeus Xenios ", protector of guests and strangers, inspired "Xenios" and provides immediate help to homeless people. “Xenios" comes to deal with the long-term problem of homelessness and to help in the social reintegration of those who face it through a series of actions which are intervention and assessment, temporary housing, psychosocial support and education and reintegration policy, she added.

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