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27 May, 2024
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Let's bring on the sunshine!

Here's a look at this weekend's weather forecast for all our weekend warriors


As we kick off this fabulous Friday, it's time to dust off those sunglasses and get ready for a weekend filled with sunshine and good vibes! We've got the scoop on the weather ahead, so grab your picnic baskets and beach towels because it's going to be a fantastic weekend to soak up some rays. Here's what Mother Nature has in store for us over the next few days.

Today's weather will be mainly clear, with some areas experiencing temporarily increased cloudiness. Isolated weak rain showers are possible in the mountains. Winds will be predominantly southwest to northwest, light to moderate, occasionally reaching moderate strength. The sea will generally be a bit rough, especially in the southwest, west, and north. Temperatures will range from around 19 degrees in the higher mountains to 26 degrees inland.

On Saturday, expect locally increased clouds throughout the day, with isolated rain showers, particularly in the west, north, and mountainous regions. There's a slight chance of isolated short storms in mountainous areas or inland.

Sunday's weather will be mostly clear, although there may be some locally increased cloudiness at times.

The forecast calls for mostly clear weather on Monday with temporarily increased high clouds.

Overall, temperatures are expected to remain slightly above average for this time of year, with no significant changes until Monday. Enjoy your weekend, and stay weather-aware!

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