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Lifeguard bans blacks from occupied area's beach

Mayor vows legal action against discriminatory beach policies


A controversy has ignited at Klapsides Beach in the occupied areas, sparked by a lifeguard's discriminatory social media post outlining restrictive rules targeting specific nationalities and races.

Hasan Gocco, the lifeguard under scrutiny, recently posted regulations for the beach he oversees, explicitly barring "Pakistani nationals" and "blacks" from entry. The inflammatory nature of these directives quickly drew widespread condemnation.

Suleiman Ulucai, Mayor of Famagusta, expressed strong disapproval through his own social media platform, condemning such discriminatory actions as a severe breach of human rights. He underscored that Klapsides Beach operates under private ownership within Famagusta's municipal jurisdiction.

"Unfortunately, Klapsides Beach, a privately managed establishment within Famagusta, has implemented a regrettable policy that denies entry based on nationality and prohibits visitors from bringing their own food or drink," Ulucai declared. "This blatant violation of human rights is unacceptable, and we are preparing to pursue legal measures against the responsible party."

Highlighting the legal framework governing all beaches in the region, Ulucai emphasized the municipality's commitment to upholding equality and safety for all. "No entity can operate above the law," he asserted. "As the Municipality of Famagusta, we are dedicated to promptly addressing this deplorable situation."

The incident has sparked outrage locally and internationally, with calls for swift action to rectify the discriminatory policies at Klapsides Beach.

Cankurtaran Hasan Gocco'nun ırkçılık barındıran paylaşımı tepki aldı
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