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Wife sues lawyer Lytras over alleged violence

Threatening text allegations surface in Lytras' domestic dispute

Kathimerini Greece Newsroom

Authorities are seeking to arrest criminal lawyer Apostolos Lytras, 52, following a lawsuit filed by his wife, Sofia Polyzogopoulou, on Wednesday.

Lytras was charged with domestic abuse against Polyzogopoulou on Monday and was later released pending trial with restraining orders.

Wednesday’s lawsuit, filed against Lytras and his former wife, who is also the mother of his two children, includes charges of disturbing domestic peace, unlawful violence, insult, and threat, with Lytras alleged to be the instigator.

Polyzogopoulou claims in the lawsuit that she received a threatening text message from her husband on Tuesday. She also alleges that his ex-wife, accompanied by their older daughter, visited their house in Paiania, eastern Attica, to remove some of Lytras’ personal belongings.

According to some reports, the visit prompted Polyzogopoulou to activate her cell phone’s “panic button” before fainting.

Authorities arrested Lytras’ ex-wife on Wednesday.

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