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Over 100 animals killed in Paphos wildfires

Paphos agriculture in crisis after 3,000 hectares burn


Recent fires have destroyed more than 3,000 hectares of farmland in the Paphos region, impacting the areas of Psathi, Polemi, Choulou, and Agios Dimitrianos, according to Deputy Director of the Agriculture Department Konstantis Spanassiis.

Spanassiis reported that preliminary estimates, which will be finalized after damage declarations are submitted, indicate significant losses: 2,500 tons of cereals, 200 tons of olives, 500 tons of vines, and around 50 tons of deciduous trees including almond, plum, and locust trees. Additionally, the fires destroyed 200 beehives and 20 other hives, along with 120 animals and irrigation systems covering about 250 tons of crops.

A livestock farm, once a sheep and goat farm now engaged in rabbit breeding, also suffered extensive damage. Five to six farmers were severely affected by the fires. The Paphos district administration reported that four houses were completely destroyed and another 15 houses and premises sustained significant damage.

In response, President Nikos Christodoulides instructed the preparation of a compensation proposal during his visit to the region. The Council of Ministers is set to consider this proposal today to aid those affected by the devastating fires.

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