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Lifeguards rescue three in Limassol near drowning incident

Fellow swimmer rushed to help girl and grandmother but ended up near drowning himself too


Three beachgoers including a young girl nearly drowned Sunday in Limassol, when an attempt by a fellow swimmer to rescue her and her grandmother made things worse.

A girl from Iran, aged 10, was swimming in the water at a Limassol beach with her 70-year-old grandmother around 3pm in the afternoon.

While the two of them were enjoying the water about 200 feet from the shore, the girl suddenly started to go underwater.

A fellow swimmer rushed to them for help but ended up starting to go underwater as they were all clinging on to each other

But when she clung on to her granny, the two of them started to be submerged.

A fellow swimmer who was nearby, a male described as a Greek national, rushed to them for help but ended up starting to go underwater, as they were all clinging on to each other.

Lifeguards who saw the incident rushed to them immediately and managed to bring all three of them safely to shore.

Local reports attributed the man’s failed rescue attempt to a lack of knowledge of proper lifeguard rescue techniques.

However, based on the same reports, his interaction with the girl and her grandmother might have drawn attention more quickly to the near drowning incident.

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