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Family of four rescued in Larnaca near-drowning

Rescuers find family members holding on to dear life in a state of shock and hypothermia


A family of four was rescued from a near-drowning situation in Larnaca, after first responders found them holding on for dear life in a state of hypothermia.

According to the Coast Guard, the dispatcher got an emergency call Tuesday evening around 7:50pm about swimmers who were in trouble in deep water off an Oroklini beach.

First responders immediately rushed to the area and found a young man with his eight year old daughter on a swimming board, both in a state of hypothermia due to strong winds in the area and a lengthy amount of time in the water.

About 500 metres away, the mother of the family with her five year old daughter were also picked up by rescuers, who found the pair holding on for dear life on a floatie in a state of shock and hypothermia.

All four members of the family were brought back to shore and received medical attention.

Local reports said the family was spending vacation time in Cyprus.

They are reportedly all doing well.

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