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Lifeguards warn parents: Put down phones and watch your kids

Cyprus lifeguards on high alert amid scorching temperatures


As scorching temperatures continue to grip Cyprus, residents are flocking to coastal areas seeking relief, prompting lifeguards to remain vigilant to prevent any accidents.

Speaking on the "Alpha Update" show, Panikos Aravis of the Limassol lifeguard unit emphasized the importance of beach safety, particularly for vulnerable groups such as the elderly and young children.

"Especially vulnerable groups, the elderly and young children should always be accompanied by adult family members, especially on these days when temperatures are very high," Aravis said.

Aravis also stressed the necessity of constant supervision for young children, urging parents to put down their mobile phones. "Leave your cell phones and look at your children," he said. "The incidents are too many with parents holding their phones and then yelling at us to find their children. This is unacceptable."

He recounted an incident where a mother came to the beach with her 3-4 year old child. "The baby starts playing near the wave and she falls asleep, and we have to watch," Aravis said.

When asked if lifeguards intervene in such situations, he confirmed, "Our eyes are constantly on the baby because it only takes seconds for something bad to happen."

As temperatures soar, lifeguards across the island remain on high alert to ensure the safety of all beachgoers.

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