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Limassol fire attributed to human factor

Forest fire in Sykopetra caused by backyard burning of dry vegetation


Authorities believe human factor was involved in the Sykopetra fire on Tuesday, which burned down trees and vegetation in the Limassol district until fire fighters and aircraft were able to put it out.

Officials say they suspect backyard burning, a traditional but risky method of clearing land, pointing similarities to two other recent fires in Moni and Pyrgos.

A total of five aircraft were brought in for the operation, with finally only two of them flying and spraying water over the fire.

Fire fighters are still monitoring the area for possible re-ignition spots, with both human and air power standing by in the area, including villages such as Palaichori, Eptagonia, and Louvaras.

Recent revelations shocked the public when it emerged that a suspected arsonist in the Tylliria fire had told an acquaintance, according to unconfirmed reports, that he was prepared to take action if he was not hired as a reservist in the Forestry Department.

“If they don’t take me, I’ll show ‘em,” he reportedly told another person.

The suspect denied any involvement in the fire, while authorities are convinced that human factor was involved in all three cases.

No arrests have been announced in the Sykopetra fire.

Cyprus forests have been suffering from fires for many years caused either by backyard burning getting out of hand or arson, prompting authorities to up their game this year and take more proactive measures against irresponsible behaviour and malicious acts.

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