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Limassol fire put out completely

Fire department officials on the lookout for re-ignition spots overnight after Limassol blaze


Officials say the Limassol wildfire which was partially contained on Tuesday was completely extinguished on Wednesday afternoon.

According to Cyprus News Agency, fire department officials had remained optimistic on Wednesday morning, saying re-ignition fires in Monday’s Limassol blaze were expected to be put out by the afternoon.

Fire Department Director Leonidas Leonidou told CNA that the fire had been contained on Tuesday but re-ignition risks had remained high.

Two fires re-ignited on Wednesday but were put out by fire figthers, while lookouts remained in the area to monitor the situation

“Because there were re-ignition fires throughout the day yesterday, we want to give ourselves time until the afternoon, if all goes well, until we can say the fire has been extinguished completely,” Leonidou said.

Authorities in Limassol were up all night Monday and Tuesday due to a fire that burned about two square kilometres of wild vegetation, crops, and farming sheds around the villages of Pachna, Kissousa, and Vouni.

The risk of re-ignition had remained high for a number of bushfires caused by the blaze due to extreme high temperatures and strong winds in the area. Two fires re-ignited within on Wednesday but were put out by fire figthers, with lookouts remaining in the area to monitor the situation.

Reports said vine plantations were destroyed along with utility poles that caused power outages, while the road from Ayios Amvrosios to Vouni was shut down completely for several hours. A number of nearby villages were also affected by electricity problems in the wider area.

One local suspect was detained for questioning by police in connection with a wildfire, while investigators are evaluating his alibi after the 43-year-old Greek Cypriot male reportedly had denied any involvement. He was said to have been seen along a stretch of the road in question when the fires started Monday around midday.

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