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Local man dies in Dali road accident

Pickup truck hits elderly couple out for a walk south of Nicosia, man dead, woman hospitalized


A local man was killed and his spouse seriously injured in a road accident on Thursday, when the couple was struck by a pickup truck south of Nicosia.

According to police, 62-year-old Socrates Christodoulou was walking with his wife on Thursday evening along Idaliou Road in Kallithea area, Nicosia district, near Dali.

Around 8:30pm, under circumstances still pending investigation, a pickup truck heading north from Dali towards Latchia struck the couple, fatally wounding Christodoulou and injuring his wife.

The driver was arrested but police did not specify on what charges, with no information provided regarding any violations during the incident

Christodoulou was rushed to the Emergency Room at Nicosia General Hospital where doctors on duty pronounced him dead on arrival.

Police officers who also rushed to the scene administered a Breathalyzer test on the driver, a 70-year-old local man who was not injured, with results showing no presence of alcohol on his breath.

Officers then arrested the driver but police did not specify on what charges. He was later released from custody, while the incident is still being investigated by Nicosia traffic police. No further information was provided regarding any violations during the incident including speeding.

The victim’s wife, aged 60 who sustained minor injuries, was hospitalized as a precautionary measure, while the driver’s 73-year-old wife in the front seat passenger was not injured according to reports.

Sources told Knews the accident took place near the Carlsberg brewery, where there is no paved sidewalk or street light. It was not immediately clear whether the victim and his wife were residents of the area, while reports said they were not wearing reflective clothes.

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