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Local retreat offers healing haven for Israeli massacre survivors

Secret Forest Retreat Center provides free therapeutic escape with ocean breezes, spa bliss, and holistic recovery


In the aftermath of the devastating Supernova party massacre in Israel, survivors find solace in a luxurious retreat offered by the Secret Forest Center in Cyprus. Owner Yoni Kahana, spurred by a desire to assist, initiated fully subsidized therapeutic getaways. The retreat, situated in the scenic mountains above Paphos, offers survivors a respite with spa treatments, acupuncture, gourmet cuisine, meditation, yoga, music, and therapy sessions. As Kahana emotionally shares, "It’s emotional to see the influences this has had on them. They told me they hadn’t eaten, didn’t sleep well and were traumatized. But suddenly, the passion for living returned."

The high-end Secret Forest center, which typically caters to Israelis, boasts a kosher kitchen and caters to a mix of religious and secular individuals. The retreat, initially funded by Kahana's generosity, gained additional support through a crowdfunding effort. The overwhelming response has led to a waiting list of approximately 1,400 individuals, highlighting the urgent need for such therapeutic interventions.

The program not only aims to heal but also to help survivors transition from guilt to a sense of duty. Wilson shares the concept of "survivors’ duty," stating, “I have a duty to be here. I have people who are close to me, children, parents, siblings, friends, and I have to be here for me and for them.” The therapy team screens applicants, working with organizations to provide additional free psychotherapy treatments back in Israel. The survivors' return from the retreat is marked by both therapeutic benefits and the harsh reality of a rocket alert at Ben Gurion Airport, underscoring the profound impact of their healing journey.

[Information sourced from the Times of Israel]

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