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London Jewish schools close amidst antisemitic surge

Home Secretary, Suella Braverman, warns against targeting British Jews in wake of antisemitic attacks

Source: Daily Mail

Four Jewish schools in London will close today amid fears for their safety following a surge in antisemitic attacks - as Suella Braverman warned that 'medieval anti-Semitism' by Hamas was no excuse to target Jews in Britain.

Torah Vodaas Primary School in Edgware, Ateres Beis Yaakov Primary School in Colindale and Menorah High School in Neasden told parents last night they would not reopen until Monday. A fourth school will also stay shut today, according to reports.

The Community Security Trust (CST), a charity that supports British Jewish people, said antisemitic hate crimes had tripled in the four days after Hamas terrorists attacked Israel.

In a video address last night, Home Secretary Suella Braverman said Hamas was 'the equal to ISIS' and displayed 'medieval antisemitism'.

She said: 'Hamas terrorism is not just an attack on Israel, it is an attack on all of us with decent British values. The values are also rightly aghast at what many perceive as incidents of support for Hamas's actions on British streets and online.

'Sadly, whenever Israel is attacked, Islamists, racists and elements of the hard left use legitimate Israeli defensive measures as an excuse to stir up hatred against Jews.

'To anyone engaged in the glorification of terror, the harassment of Jewish people or public disorder at protest I have a simple message: we will track you down and you can expect to face the full force of the law.'

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