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LPG leak unveiled as cause in fast-paced probe

Egkomi blast traced to LPG, authorities confirm


Investigations into the strong explosion that rocked Egkomi on Tuesday night (20/2) are progressing rapidly.

Christos Andreou, spokesperson for the police force, stated on the morning show "ALPHA Good Morning" that examinations continued until late afternoon on Wednesday (21/2), with contributions from Municipal Authorities, the Ministry of Labor, and members of the electrical engineering services. It was found that the explosion was caused by a gas leak, with no municipal permits apparent for the modification of the specific area.

"There was a configuration of the specific area, indeed in four apartments which did not have any municipal permits," he said.

Moreover, Mr. Andreou stated: "According to the testimony of the 18-year-old who was injured during the explosion in the area where she resided, there were no devices operating with the use of gas," adding, "She initially provided some details to the investigators but due to her health condition, she was unable to provide more. This will happen later when her health allows."

Andreas Kettis, spokesperson for the Fire Service, speaking on the same show, confirmed that the explosion originated from gas. "Yesterday we concluded that it is an explosion that originated from gas. We have also investigated all the studios without locating any heating or cooking appliances operating with gas. The material evidence is important to determine how the gas actually entered the area where the explosion occurred," he noted among other things.

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