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'Mafia State' author stands firm: ''I can back up every word with evidence''

Makarios Drousiotis testifies before anti-corruption authority amid probe


Makarios Drousiotis, author of the book "Mafia State," testified before the Anti-Corruption Authority under Gabrielle Louise McIntyre, with his session lasting a full four hours.

During his testimony, Mr. Drousiotis provided evidence and answered all questions posed to him by the authority.

Following the session, Mr. Drousiotis took to social media to share his reflections, stating, "I have prepared to testify for five sections. Today I covered only one. I will continue my testimony next Thursday. With me is my lawyer Leto Kariolou."

Addressing public inquiries about his confidence in the commission, Mr. Drousiotis expressed faith in his own abilities, stating, "I have confidence in myself. I am able to substantiate everything I have written in 'Mafia State' and the other books."

Furthermore, he commended the commission for its conduct during the proceedings, noting, "The committee was correct in its procedures, serious and well-read. I am optimistic that it will live up to its mission."

It's worth noting that this testimony comes in the wake of an investigation initiated by the Anti-Corruption Authority back in November. The probe was prompted by revelations in Drousiotis' book "Mafia State," which implicated former President Nicos Anastasiades in corruption allegations.

Despite expressing reservations about the legal framework of the authority's operations, Mr. Drousiotis emphasized the importance of utilizing the institution for investigating corruption cases, stating, "However, it is currently the only institution we have for investigating corruption cases. We ought to exhaust its potential and push for its improvement."

Mr. Drousiotis concluded by affirming his commitment to the process and expressing hope for truth and transparency from future witnesses.

The testimony marks a significant development in ongoing efforts to address corruption issues within the state.


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