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Man detained on child grooming charges

Child’s relative says suspect online was pedophile hunter trying to arrange a sex hookup with a minor


A man in Nicosia has been remanded in custody following his arrest on suspicion he was grooming a minor with intent to commit further sexual offences.

According to local media, a Nicosia district judge on Tuesday ordered a 54-year-old male remanded in custody for six days, after he was arrested on child grooming charges.

The suspect sent a number of messages to the minor, whose age and gender were not disclosed, with the content described as indecent and obscene

Police said the arrest took place Monday around noon following a complaint, according to which the suspect was chatting with a minor on a specific social media platform.

Additional reports said the male suspect was believed to have sent a number of text messages and graphic images to the minor, whose age and gender were not disclosed citing privacy concerns, while the content of the messages was described as indecent and obscene.

According to the complaint, which was filed by one of the child’s relatives, the suspect was attempting to arrange a meeting where the two could have sex.

During a raid at the suspect’s residence, police investigators and members of the Cyber Crime unit found and confiscated six computers, 21 flash drives, three mobile phones, a tablet, and 15 hard discs for data storage.

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