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Police probe Brit's courthouse daring escape

Escape charges likely for British grandpa facing sexual molestation charges but only if motive behind jump was suicide


Escape from lawful custody could be added to the list of charges against an elderly man who jumped out of courthouse window, with reports saying this will depend on whether he was trying to run away or end his life.

According to 24news, police prosecutors were trying to ascertain what prompted a 72-year-old British man to jump out of a Famagusta courthouse window on Tuesday in front of the female judge ahead of his sexual abuse pre-trial hearing.

The elderly man was in court on Tuesday after he was arrested upon his return to the island, where his daughter resides with her Cypriot husband and their two children aged 11 and 8, who are also described as plaintiffs in a case against the defendant.

But investigators reportedly first wanted to clarify whether the motive behind the attempted escape was in fact to run away or perhaps commit suicide

Local media said the defendant was extradited in Britain and arrested at Larnaca International Airport on a Cypriot international warrant, based on separate charges of sexual abuse of two minors described in the media as his grandchildren. He is being accused of sexually molesting the two minors as well as indecent assault on each child separately, with all offences allegedly committed in January and February of 2019.

During the remand hearing, reports said the man jumped out of an open window that was left open in accordance with health protocols regarding COVID-19.

Reports said he landed on the roof of a vehicle and then ended up on the asphalt, where he was picked up by an ambulance and rushed to the Emergency Room at Famagusta General Hospital.

According to 24news, police prosecutors were contemplating an additional charge regarding escape from lawful custody.

But investigators reportedly first wanted to clarify whether the motive behind the attempted escape was in fact to run away or perhaps commit suicide.

It was understood that an attempt to end his own life might not bring about additional charges, while prosecutors were eager to hear from the defendant himself as to what was his real intention for jumping out the window.

The defendant was hospitalized with injuries to his arms and legs.

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