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Man to serve five years for child rape

Multiple sentences handed down for man who was raping partner’s young daughter for four years


A man in his late 40’s was sentenced to prison after being convicted for raping a young girl repeatedly during her elementary school years.

Viewer discretion advised – descriptions below of explicit sexual acts with a minor

A Nicosia Criminal Court on Friday sentenced a 48-year-old man to a combined total of 27 years in prison for multiple sex crimes against a female minor, including sexually abusing, raping, and assaulting the young girl repeatedly over a four year period.

According to details heard in court, the defendant was living with woman from October 2014 until October 2018, where he committed sexual crimes on her daughter on a frequent basis.

“During the period in question, he would use threats against the underage girl, rape her both vaginally and anally, while also forcing her to perform fellatio,” the court said.

The abuse took place on a frequent basis, including on the weekends, it was said in court, while the defendant would also physically assault the girl by slapping her with his hands.

'This was a savage and sickening sexual behaviour that the mind of a healthy human being cannot possibly fathom'

According to local reports, the mother was sleeping in the next room during the time of the actual abuse, which began when the daughter was six and a half years old until she was ten and a half.

“This was a savage and sickening sexual behaviour that the mind of a healthy human being cannot possibly fathom,” the judges said.’’

The panel of criminal judges pointed out that society was extremely worried over his behaviour, as sex crimes were on the rise especially involving innocent children.

According to court documents, the man was not sentenced on the charges for corrupting a minor but got between a minimum of one and a maximum of five years each for the offences of sexual abuse, sexual molestation, use of threats, forcing the girl to watch porn, and other related crimes.

Mitigation circumstances included the man’s clean criminal record and his personal as well as family circumstances.

But the panel, consisting of one male and two female judges, said the crimes were “so serious” that they could not undo the need for deterrence.

According to the Cyprus News Agency, the judges ruled all prison sentences would run concurrently, starting from December 2018 which was the time the convicted sex offender was jailed.

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