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Defendant in child abuse case jumps out of courthouse window

A 72-year-old British defendant in a case involving the sexual abuse of two minors jumped out of a first-storey window at the Famagusta district court while his hearing was ongoing


A 72-year-old defendant in a case in which he is accused of sexually abusing two minors and who appeared before the Famagusta district court on Tuesday jumped out of a first-storey window of the courthouse as the hearing was ongoing.

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Famagusta police said the defendant luckily fell onto a car. While the car was damaged, the 72-year-old was not seriously injured by the fall, and was transferred via ambulance to the Famagusta general hospital for treatment.

The 72-year-old, described as a British national, was in court on Tuesday in suspicion of sexually abusing two minors. During Tuesday’s hearing, the Famagusta district court was expected to refer the case for direct trial before the criminal court.

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