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Man dies in late night car ambush in Nicosia

Young man from Syria shot in the head in downtown area


Police are investigating a murder that took place Sunday night in Nicosia, after a young man was shot in the head in a car ambush.

Local media said a foreign man was a passenger in a vehicle on Sunday night when he got shot in an ambush in a downtown area around 9:40pm.

Police said 21-year-old Syrian national Alsweidani Ahmad was rushed to the Emergency Room at Nicosia General Hospital, where he succumbed to his injuries an hour later at 10:45pm.

Local media said Ahmad was a front seat passenger in a car when it was ambushed in a shooting, with the young man sustaining multiple fatal gunshot wounds to the head.

A police incident report did not provide further details but said officers on the scene have collected evidence in the murder case.

Knews has learned that police officers arrived at the scene after the victim had already been taken by ambulance to the ER.

Additional reports said at least five bullets holes were spotted on the targeted vehicle while an arrest warrant for a suspect, also described as a foreign national, has been issued. 

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