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Man found dead beneath Paralimni balcony

Police investigate the death of a Bulgarian man found dead in broad daylight below second floor balcony


Police in Paralimni are investigating the death of a Bulgarian man, whose body was found outside his apartment building in broad daylight.

According to police, the wife of a 47-year-old man from Bulgaria said he did not show up to work Saturday morning because he was not feeling well.

Local media said the woman found her husband on the ground outside their apartment complex, shortly after 12 noon. He was rushed to the Emergency Room at Famagusta General Hospital where doctors on duty pronounced him dead on arrival.

Some reports said the man was believed to have fallen to his death from the second floor balcony, where he was staying for the last few years.

But the circumstances of his death remained unclear with police carrying on an investigation. Preliminary reports said foul play was not being suspected.

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