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Man livestreams driving with feet on highway

Cyprus police investigate highway incident after video shows man driving with his feet


Cyprus police are investigating an incident where a male driver appears in a video to be driving along the highway with his feet on the steering wheel.

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The video, which was streamed live, caught the attention of law enforcement after it went viral on Friday, with police issuing a statement online as a reminder.

The man identified hours later is facing charges of reckless and dangerous driving, as well as violating the hands-free law

“Regarding a video that is being shared in the last few hours on social media showing a driver who is driving his car with his feet, police have already started an investigation into the case. We want to reiterate that driving is not a game or something to pass the time. We ought to be careful at the steering wheel, while respecting our life and bodily integrity as well as that of others.”

The video did not show whether the driver had his hands at the bottom of the steering wheel, while it was assumed that the cruise control feature was engaged.

While traffic regulations specifically require drivers to have their hands free at the steering wheel while driving, police sources told Knews that the driver appeared to have committed offences during the livestream.

A 43-year-old man from Limassol, who was later identified as the driver in the video according to the Cyprus News Agency, was said to be facing charges of reckless and dangerous driving.

Police, who called the man down to the station hours after the video went viral, are also charging him with offences under the hands-free traffic regulations.

Story has been updated with information about the driver and charges against him

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