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Trucker who drove with feet pleads guilty

Man admits charges after posting video of his driving skills with both feet and no hands


A man who livestreamed a video showing him driving a truck with his feet on the steering wheel has changed his plea to guilty on Thursday.

According to local media, a 43-year-old man from Limassol pleaded guilty in a Larnaca District Court to charges of reckless driving as well as operating a motor vehicle without a heavy vehicle roadworthy certificate.

The man had initially claimed he had back pain problems which were alleviated when he had his feet up

The man had initially pleaded not guilty to the charges, which involved a violation under hands free regulations, after he was questioned by police over an online video that appeared to show his feet on the steering wheel of a semi truck in motion on the Nicosia-Limassol highway near Kofinou.

Some media later reported that the man was maintaining the position that the truck was being towed at the time when he recorded the video. He also said he had pain in his lower back which was reduced when he had his feet up.

Police got wind of the incident after the video was shared on Facebook and quickly tracked down the suspect after examining the location seen in the footage.

Sentencing date has been set for February 6. 

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