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Masked youths rob Limassol convenience store

Female employee held against her will during early morning robbery by masked trio


Three male youths robbed a convenience store in the wee hours Friday morning in Limassol, with police later finding evidence that had been set on fire.

According to police, a female clerk at a convenience store in Limassol says she was robbed by three unknown persons, described as male youths, who had their faces covered during the incident.

The masked men entered the store in the early morning, around 3:45am, when one of them immobilized the female employee by grabbing her forcefully.

Police later received information about a burning item in a local park, where officers discovered the stolen cash register tray that had been set on fire

Another man then managed to take out the cash register tray and also grab the clerk’s phone, before the three perpetrators ran away in an unknown direction. The amount of cash inside the register was not disclosed.

Police later received information about a burning item in a local park, near the robbery incident, where officers discovered the stolen cash register tray that had been set on fire.

Officers put out the flames and confiscated the item for forensic tests.

The suspects were estimated to be between 17 and 20 years old, with slim builds, with height between 1.70cm to 1.80cm (5.5 to 5.9 feet).

A day earlier, seven youths aged between 15 and 22 were released from detention after they were arrested following an anti-mask demonstration that had turned violent. Officers said they had chased hooded youths through narrow streets, with defence lawyers later telling a judge during a remand hearing there was no evidence placing their clients at the actual scene of the protest.

The seven youths, described as Cypriot-born or foreign-born locals, were suspected of being part of a subgroup of rogue protesters, who had set trash cans on fire, threw rocks at police, and torched a patrol vehicle.

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