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Masks no longer required in indoor spaces as of June 1st

Except in high risk areas such as hospitals, nursing homes and public transport

Source: Announcements

Masks will no longer be required in indoor spaces as of June 1st, according to an announcement today from the Ministry of Health.

At today's Cabinet meeting, the Minister of Health, Mr. Michalis Hadjipantela, presented the suggestions of the members of the Scientific Advisory Committee, with regard to the remaining anti-covid measures.

According to the announcement, the Ministry stated that in recent weeks, epidemiological indicators had been stable, resulting in a decrease in hospitalizations due to covid.  Therefore, there is a need to review and adjust protective measures to prevent COVID-19.

As of June 1st 2022, citizens are no longer required to use a protective mask indoors (and outdoors), excluding high-risk areas such as hospitals, nursing homes, closed structures housing vulnerable groups, health care facilities (outpatient clinics, medical centers, rehabilitation centers) and public transport.

Moreover, as of the above date, patients at public and private hospitals will be allowed 2 visitors per day (1 at a time) as long as they can present a 24-hour rapid test or 48-hour PCR test.

However, the number of visitors may be increased in extremely urgent cases provided that approval is obtained from hospital management.

With regards to mandatory mask use at airports and ports, the Minister said they were still discussing the issue, but as of June 1st, all travelers arriving in the Republic of Cyprus, regardless of their country of origin, will not be required to present a valid certificate of vaccination or recovery or a negative PCR or rapid test.

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