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Military police track down animal cruelty suspect

Young soldier picked up by MP officers in connection with the shooting of two dogs in rural Limassol


A young soldier was picked up by military police on Wednesday morning after local media said he was wanted in connection with the shooting of two dogs a day earlier.

According to Defence Ministry officials, an 18-year-old conscript wanted in connection with an animal cruelty case was tracked down by military police officers.

The young man, who serves in the Cypriot National Guard, was identified in the media as the main suspect in the case in rural Limassol.

A neighbor of the suspect had reported hearing a gunshot and stepping out in his yard, where he saw the suspect aiming low and firing two shots. The witness then realized two dogs had been shot and called the police.

Defence officials said the young male is expected to be interrogated over the incident, while additional reports said the two Jack Russell dogs belonged to the suspect.

The witness reportedly took the two wounded canines home to treat them before calling the police. At least one dog was said to have died while an autopsy is expected to reveal the exact cause of death.

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