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Ministry pushing for ban on mobile phones in schools

Education Minister cites European precedent and research on distraction and alienation


The measure to ban mobile phones in educational institutions across Cyprus is neither sudden nor unprecedented, stated Minister of Education Athina Michaelidou. She noted that similar measures have been implemented in almost all European countries.

Speaking on SPOR FM 95.0’s "Diaspora News," Minister Michaelidou explained that the decision was driven by research indicating that children are becoming disoriented and alienated due to mobile phone use. While students will still be allowed to bring their phones to school, they must keep them in their bags during school hours.

Addressing the penalties for violating the regulation, Michaelidou emphasized that they will be carefully designed with educational criteria in mind. Initial violations will result in recommendations, with penalties potentially escalating to expulsion for repeated infractions.

The Minister acknowledged that there is no unanimous decision among political partners regarding this proposal, and a debate in Parliament is forthcoming. However, she described the Ministry’s proposal as the most balanced approach to address the issue.

This initiative aims to enhance focus and interaction among students, ensuring a more conducive learning environment in Cypriot schools.

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