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Minors confess to vandalism, parents clash with authorities

Police apprehend youth vandals targeting storefronts


Two 16-year-old minors vandalized storefronts along Acropolis Avenue in the early hours of Wednesday (08/02), causing significant damage to the businesses involved.

The young individuals, wearing hoodies, were apprehended by police following a chase and upon being taken to the nearest police station, admitted to the crime they committed.

What caught attention, however, was when the parents of the two teenagers were called to the station, as stipulated by law concerning underage individuals. It is reported that they questioned the police officers as to why their children were being detained.

According to police spokesperson Christos Andreou, "Instead of offering advice, they reacted towards the members of the Force. When the parents were summoned to the police station, they questioned why their children were being arrested.

They had a verbal altercation with our members who were doing their job correctly."

It is worth noting that the slogans written by the minors targeted the president of the Cyprus Football Association, George Koumas.

[With information sourced from 24 News]

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