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Mixed media coverage over Paphos incident

Police looking into African couple’s injuries after knife attack reports did not appear to hold water


Varied reports ranging from a knife attack to a domestic accident involving broken glass emerged on Thursday, after a foreign couple ended up in the Emergency Room in Paphos.

Police say they were notified Thursday evening just after 6pm regarding injured persons in downtown Paphos, with officers rushing to an apartment complex and finding a man and a woman with visible wounds.

The two injured persons were rushed to the Emergency Room at Paphos General Hospital, where doctors said the woman had a deep wound in the right lower leg along with minor cuts while the man had an injury in his right arm.

Investigators, who were initially told a third individual had gone to the residence, did not confirm reports that witnesses had seen another person at the scene

Previous reports of a knife attack either by a third person or roommate of the couple were not confirmed by police investigators, who reportedly spoke with the couple at the hospital. Additional reports said there was a broken glass window on the floor.

Police told Knews that officers initially had been told a Somalian couple in their early 20’s sustained knife injuries after a third individual had gone to their residence, located in the basement of an apartment building.

But investigators, who were still trying to ascertain the circumstances under which a glass window had broken, did not confirm reports that witnesses had seen a third individual at the scene.

According to the Cyprus News Agency, ER doctors told police they suspected the couple was under the influence, citing their own behavioural observation.

But police told Knews no information regarding substance abuse was provided in the medical record, adding that it was not uncommon for doctors to provide their own opinions verbally to assist in the investigation.

Reports said the woman remained in hospital for further treatment while the man refused to stay and was discharged against medical advice.

Police said they had no solid information that a crime had been committed, no witnesses or allegations involving a third person, and no use of alcohol or drugs had been reported, while adding that the investigation was still ongoing.

Some local media on Friday morning reported there was heavy police presence in the area following the incident, fearing fights erupting between foreign gangs.

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