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More Cypriots concerned over country's course, says Eurobarometer

52% of Cypriots are not satisfied with the way democracy works in the country

The latest Eurobarometer survey covering the winter period of 2022-2023 has revealed that Cypriots are not satisfied with their country's democratic system, with 52% expressing dissatisfaction as opposed to the EU average of 41%. However, 56% of Cypriots are content with democracy in the EU, the same as the EU average.

Cypriot respondents primarily receive information from social networks, with 58% accessing information from such sites, the highest percentage in the EU, and are exposed to news and information they believe distorts reality or is false (84% in Cyprus).

Rising prices and inflation (46%) and the country's economic situation (32%) were identified as the most significant challenges in Cyprus, and Cypriots also consider these the most important issues facing Europe.

While the respondents believe things are heading in the wrong direction in their country and the EU, they are optimistic about their personal lives, with 68% of Cypriots expressing satisfaction with their lives, which is higher than the EU average of 66%.

[Source: CNA]

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