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More than 25,000 lives lost in Israel's Gaza actions

1.85M Palestinians displaced amid destruction


In a comprehensive report released on December 17, the Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Monitor (EuroMed) sheds light on the devastating human cost of Israel's actions in Gaza.

As reported by The Crandle, a staggering toll of 25,612 Palestinians killed, including 10,091 children, with 92 percent being civilians targeted in air and artillery attacks.

The grim statistics continue with 89 journalists losing their lives and over 50,000 Palestinians sustaining injuries. Trapped under rubble, thousands remain unaccounted for, adding to the urgency of the situation.

EuroMed discloses the forced displacement of 1.85 million Palestinians and the destruction of 236,400 homes, either partially or completely.

Heightening concerns are reports of Israel's use of less precise "dumb bombs" in densely populated areas, amplifying civilian casualties.

EuroMed calls for an urgent international investigation into alleged field executions and severe mistreatment of Palestinian civilians in Israeli military facilities.

Despite mounting evidence of harsh conditions in camps like Sedeh Timan, Israeli officials escalate rhetoric against Palestinians, defying calls for an immediate ceasefire.

The situation remains critical, with a UN General Assembly resolution urging a humanitarian ceasefire in Gaza during an emergency meeting earlier this month.

[With information sourced from The Crandle]

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