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South arrests murder suspect wanted north

Alleged mastermind arrested in Gokhan Naim murder, critically injured trying to evade capture


The alleged mastermind behind the murder of a Turkish Cypriot businessman in the north was reportedly injured in the south while trying to evade arrest by Greek Cypriot police.

According to local media, Zahid Masood was seriously injured before getting arrested during his attempt to run away from police in the south. Masood is wanted by Turkish Cypriot authorities in connection with the murder of a 52-year-old Turkish Cypriot currency exchange owner, Gokhan Naim, who was gunned down in March in broad daylight outside his residence in north Nicosia.

Police in the Republic of Cyprus did not issue a report about the arrest, but according to Turkish Cypriot media, law enforcement officials in the south had closed in on the suspect after he was spotted in a residential building. As officers attempted to capture him, Masood jumped from the third floor and was said to have been seriously injured.

The suspect was rushed to the Emergency Room at a local hospital, where he was later admitted into the Intensive Care Unit. His condition remained critical, according to reports.

According to Cyprus News Agency, Masood is believed to have fled south following the murder on 13 March 2019. A number of other suspects in the case have been arrested on both sides of the divided island.

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