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Yellow warning as nasty weather moves in

Showers and thunderstorms expected to intensify overnight, snow on Christmas Day


A low reading in barometric pressure over Cyprus spells some nasty weather in the days ahead, starting Monday night with heavy showers and strong winds but also snow up in the mountains.

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The Meteorology Department has issued a yellow warning for Cyprus effective from Monday night at 10pm until Tuesday afternoon at 4pm, citing rain accumulation likely to exceed 50 millimeters in a 6-hour period.

The weather alert has also been issued as a warning due to strong southwesterly winds likely to reach near gale level, with mean speed of 6 to 7 points on the Beaufort scale. Choppy water is also expected mainly out west.

In the evening, after a week with no rain, local showers and isolated thunderstorms are expected to come back, along with sleet or snow on the highest peaks of the Troodos Mountain Range.

Temperature lows will register 12 degrees inland, around 14 along the coast, and 4 degrees in the mountains where frost is also expected to form. Showers and thunderstorms will intensify overnight, with prolonged precipitation and strong winds, which could be very strong near the foothills and further up in the mountains.

Snow on Christmas Day

Temperatures are expected to drop on Christmas Eve as rain and wind continue through Christmas Day, when snow is also expected to fall on Troodos.

Thursday skies in the evening are expected to begin improving gradually while temperatures will drop even further to reach normal averages this time of the year.

Story updated with yellow warning information

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