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National Guard's IRIS-2023 prepares for real challenges

Minister of Defense observes IRIS-2023 training

Newsroom / CNA

The Interladian regular exercise with troops, known as "IRIS - 2023," concluded today, involving the active force of the National Guard.

The exercise commenced on October 17 and aimed to enhance the operational capabilities of various formations and administrations within the National Guard. It also included scenarios simulating real-world conditions, addressing both conventional and asymmetric threats.

The final phase of the exercise took place in the area of Good Village and involved the examination of defensive and offensive operation scenarios.

This phase was meticulously planned and executed by the 2nd Motorized Infantry Brigade, with support from personnel and resources from other National Guard formations and administrations.

Preceding the final phase, smaller-scale exercises were conducted in different exercise fields by various formations and commands, exploring corresponding scenarios. Some of these exercises also saw participation from a group of National Guardsmen from the Hellenic Armed Forces.

Furthermore, the exercise encompassed air and maritime operations. The Air Force Command developed the air defense system, while the Naval Command implemented scenarios to counter asymmetric threats from warships, conducted maritime interdiction operations with the Epaktian Array, and carried out special operations with the Submarine Disaster Unit.

The final phase of the exercise had significant attendees, including Minister of Defence Michael Yiorgallas, Chief of the National Guard Lieutenant General George Tsitsikostas, members of the Parliamentary Defence Committee, Director General of the Ministry of Defence Andreas Louka, the hierarchy of the General Staff of the Defence Forces, as well as delegations of officers.

The event also saw the presence of representatives from state agencies, departments, and local authorities, retired officers, delegations of reservists and National Guardsmen, and defense attaches, observers, and representatives from friendly nations.

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