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New arrests in attempted murder, key evidence found

Police seek weapon and scooter in shooting of Dimitris Andronikou


Authorities have made two new arrests in connection with the attempted murder of Dimitris Andronikou ("Dimitroui"), which took place on the afternoon of April 23 on the Palaichori-Anthoupolis road.

According to information, one of the two individuals was re-arrested for the same case but had been released by the court.

The two newly arrested individuals, along with the seven others who are currently in custody, will be brought before a court at around 10:00 a.m. on Wednesday, where a request is expected to be made for their continued detention.

It is recalled that the latest development in the investigation of this case was the discovery of an important piece of evidence in Larnaca province. Specifically, an anonymous tip received on the afternoon of Tuesday, April 30, led police to the Pervolia area in Larnaca, where a search revealed an important piece of evidence that appears to be linked to the weapon used in the crime. According to reports, it is a magazine.

Searching for the weapon and the scooter

In recent days, a number of people have been interviewed by the Larnaca CID, while at the same time, investigators have been meticulously studying closed-circuit television footage, with one video, in particular, being under scrutiny from the outset as it captured the attempted murder frame by frame.

The perpetrators, who appear to have been well-versed in their movements, approached their target on a small scooter and fired three shots at "Dimitroui" from a distance of almost two meters, one of the bullets hitting him in the neck. Police are searching for both the weapon and the scooter.

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