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Nicosia nightlife under investigation after Dimitroui murder attempt

Police detain seven in Nicosia murder attempt investigation


The case of the attempted murder targeting 34-year-old Dimitris Andronikou, known as ''Dimitroui,'' on Tuesday, April 23, 2024, presents a challenging and intricate puzzle for investigators. The incident occurred at noon on the Palaichori-Anthoupoli road and is believed to be connected to other serious cases.

Law enforcement authorities have made significant arrests, including individuals believed to be key figures involved in the crime. Testimonies obtained by investigators suggest that both instigators and perpetrators are among those apprehended. Scientific examinations of evidence collected from the scene and various residences will be crucial in corroborating these testimonies.

The backdrop of the crime appears to be the nocturnal activities in Nicosia, with investigations focused in this direction. Investigators suspect the attempted murder stems from conflicts among individuals involved in nightlife activities, often related to issues of protection and other illicit endeavors.

Of particular interest to authorities is Dimitroui's prior interactions with law enforcement, including incidents of violence. Additionally, his association with the late Alexis Mavromichalis (Alexoui), who was murdered last October, raises suspicions and warrants further investigation.

Seven individuals, including three Greek Cypriots and seven foreigners, were detained by police. Following a lengthy court process, six of the suspects were granted an eight-day detention period, while the remaining three were released.

Further efforts are underway to locate a firearm and a scooter believed to be connected to the crime. Surveillance footage and detailed analysis by investigators have provided crucial insights into the incident. The assailants, who displayed calculated precision in their actions, approached Andronikou on a scooter and shot him three times from close range, leaving him in critical condition.

Andronikou, still in a critical state, remains intubated at Nicosia General Hospital as the investigation continues.

[With information sourced from 24 News]

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